Zywie Launches Revolutionary Cardiac Monitoring Solution

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ATLANTA, GA – November 3, 2015 – Zywie is advancing telemedicine with its remote cardiac monitoring solution, ZywiePro. It is revolutionizing the cardiovascular industry by lowering associated risks through FDA cleared, sensitive and accurate arrhythmia detection technology.

Zywie helps physicians efficiently and accurately diagnose and treat their patients’ many heart-related problems. ZywiePro, the next-generation cardiac remote monitoring solution, leverages mobile and cloud technology to facilitate detection of cardiovascular arrhythmias in patients in a more timely, accurate and cost-effective manner than alternative monitoring solutions allow. By giving physicians detailed diagnostic insight into the cardiovascular health of their patients, ZywiePro empowers physicians to provide more personalized and effective patient care.

ZywiePro has already received the support and endorsement from world-renowned cardiologists and electrophysiologists. Zywie has attracted significant interest from qualified investors, including its current investors, eLab Solutions and Datum Software.

“During ongoing clinical trials, the ZywiePro solution has shown itself to be an impressive 30-day remote monitoring system. Zywie alerted us sooner and as a result we were able to provide life-saving intervention immediately to one of our patients. It truly has the potential to be a game changer in the heart rhythm space,” says Narendra Singh, M.D., Director of Clinical Research at Atlanta Heart Specialists.

“We have strong roots in the medical community and this unique platform is starting to gain recognition from the subject matter experts in this space,” says Zywie’s CEO Latha Ganeshan.

The patient wears an electrocardiogram (ECG) device that monitors the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. The recorded ECG data is transmitted via cellular service to Zywie’s HIPAA-compliant secure cloud platform. Zywie’s proprietary technology allows beat-by-beat analysis and interpretation of ECG signals and it is further carefully validated by Zywie’s highly skilled technicians. Pertinent information is relayed to the physician, based on the physician’s customizable notification criteria, providing an accurate summary of the patient’s ECG rhythm throughout the monitoring period.

Physicians using the ZywiePro solution can request additional data to support their findings and can also adjust the arrhythmia thresholds based on the characteristics of the patient’s ECG. The access to real data 24 x 7 from anywhere at any time combined with clear and concise reports allows the physicians to quickly make their diagnosis. Zywie’s monitoring solution is designed to deliver precise and detailed information while greatly reducing the potential for human error.


About Zywie

Zywie (zi-wee) is a medtech company focused on the early detection and precise remote monitoring of patients with cardiovascular disease. The company’s end-to-end platform, the ZywiePro solution, uses FDA cleared technology to provide physicians with a trusted, cost-effective solution for remote electrocardiogram monitoring. www.zywie.healthcare.

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