Zywie Healthcare launches ZywieNano Patch™

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August 2020 — Johns Creek, GA

Zywie Healthcare announced today that the ZywieNano Patch™ Remote Patient Monitoring System is available.

Jack Whittaker, Chief Operating Officer, said “Form factor is becoming an increasingly important aspect of RPM (remote patient monitoring) and launching the ZywieNano Patch™ allows all Zywie patients the ability to wear one of the world’s smallest FDA-approved ECG monitoring products. When combined with Zywie’s proprietary algorithm and reporting software, both physicians and patients will have something to love about this offering. Monitoring ECGs in near-real-time with this device will change cardiac healthcare delivery for the better.”

“While still in testing, the early interest has been extraordinary. We are working diligently to incorporate the feedback from our early adopters so that we can have a full-scale, nationwide launch in Summer/ Fall 2021”, said Latha Ganeshan, Founder and CEO of Zywie, Inc.

About ZywieNano Patch™

ZywieNano Patch™ wirelessly transmits a patient’s ECG data into the cloud to support remote monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias in ambulatory patients. Once in the cloud, the data is analyzed by ZywieAI™ (Zywie’s proprietary FDA-approved algorithm) where it is assessed for arrhythmias. Medical professionals can securely view the ECG information. Physicians and their staff(s) can access individual ECGs, Alerts, or Final Reports from the website.

About Zywie, Inc.

Zywie, Inc. is a CMS-approved IDTF (independent diagnostic testing facility) that is focused on reshaping healthcare delivery by increasing access to & decreasing costs of healthcare.