ZywieNano™ Patch

ZywieNano™ Patch is the world’s smallest wearable heart monitor!


Zywie Clarus

Zywie Clarus can be used to provide any study physicians need! It can do 24 hr. holter, 48 hr. holter, 3-30 day cardiac event monitoring, 3-30 day mobile cardiac telemetry, as well as 3-14 day extended holter.

claris heart monitoring device
Trident heart monitoring device

Zywie Trident

Zywie Trident is a 3-channel, non-transmitting/ record-only holter patch.  It can be ordered from 3-14 days.

Intelligence as a Service (IaaS)

Zywie is proud of the work we do, and we create insights from the mountains of data we collect each year. These insights can help doctors learn more about what procedures are most effective, what medicines are most effective, and even derive new clinical approaches within their system. Ask us today how we can help your practice, or your organization delve into the details to which you previously didn’t have access.

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