The ZywiePro®

The ZywiePro® Solution provides better efficiency and patient care by allowing physicians to view events in greater detail, view it faster and anytime on any device. It also includes the convenience of our 7-in-1 remote cardiac monitoring devices — all backed by a wealth of experience working with the largest EMR systems in use today.

ZywiePro® Solution: Seamless and Easily Adaptable

Our unique monitoring workflow is comprised of 3 parts: ZywieAI®, ZywieECG® and Zywie Monitors.

“I love their flexibility to work with us. The switch was seemless and painless, thumbs up Zywie!”


ZywieAI® is our proprietary algorithm, FDA Class II cleared technology that analyzes the transmitted data sent from our Zywie monitors to our secure, cloud-based servers. It is highly sophisticated, highly accurate and more efficient in ECG data processing to detect multiple kinds of arrhythmias and various types of electrical impulses of the heart.


Receiving analysis from ZywieAI®, our certified rhythm technicians use our cutting-edge ZywieECG app to review data and notify physicians using customizable parameters to any device they choose. This app also allows physicians or staff to create new enrollments, monitor patient activity and interact with the events and/or reports of their patients.

Zywie Cardiac Monitors

Zywie Monitors

Having just 1 device is significantly faster and easier for office staff and patients versus using 4+ types of different monitors. Zywie’s unique ability to transition from Holter into Event Monitor or MCT is a tremendous advancement as this modality eliminates multiple clinic visits for patients to change from one form of study to another.

Our monitors are lightweight and easy to operate — significantly increasing patient compliance. A Zywie monitor typically takes less than 1 minute to enroll and less than 2 minutes to place on the patient.

Each device can perform these 7 tests:

  • 24 hour holter
  • 48 hour holter
  • Up to 30 days of event monitoring
  • Up to 30 days of mobile cardiac telemetry
  • 3-14 days of extended holter
  • 24/48 into event monitoring
  • 24/48 into mobile cardiac telemetry

Fastest Reporting Times in the Industry!

Zywie typically posts 99%+ of final reports in less than two business days. No more waiting for days or weeks for your cardiac monitoring service provider to get you the final reports.

Clinical Benefits

Depending on monitor, there is a 2 or 3 lead view of EKG available for doing QRS morphology analysis. The end-of-study report has PVC and PAC runs, triplets, couplets, and symptomatic recordings. The front page of the report has summary of the study with AFib Burden, PVC Count & Burden, and PAC Count & Burden.

Concise and Customizable

Our reports are sent in full color to your EHR system to be viewed within the patient’s medical record anytime and on any device. Our digital EHR solution creates an impactful reduction in paper. Our reports draw the physicians attention to quickly focus on the information they need to provide the best patient care.

“ For Onset & Termination, no more looking at middle of the strips and having to guess how the EKG started. Zywie makes it easier by including onset & termination right on the report – no need to search.”

Flexible Billing Options

Zywie offers multiple billing options to health care providers (HCP). We can bill your patient’s insurance or you can purchase the system to keep all your monitoring in-house. This allows you to engage Zywie quickly without changing the current business model that is working for you.

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