Patient Care is
Our Top Priority

Our ZywiePro® Solution reduces inconsistencies in data collection. With our 7-in-1 monitoring and faster, more detailed reports, we help you achieve better clinical efficiency and better patient care.

Zywie’s proprietary cutting-edge technology is FDA Class II cleared. It is highly accurate and efficient in ECG data processing to detect multiple kinds of arrhythmias, various types of electrical impulses of the heart. It serves as the nerve center around which our ZywiePro® solution is built.

Zywie Cardiac Monitors

Each heart beat is captured and a beat-by-beat analysis is done continuously 24×7

The Zywie monitor collects ECG data from multiple locations of the heart through several channels to reduce the inconsistencies in data collection. When a patient feels discomfort they are able to enter their symptoms and activity level to notify physicians using touch screen on the monitor. Monitors are lightweight, simple to use and have a long battery life.

Reduce the time it takes to analyze a report

Our proprietary technology allows us to create accurate, concise and customizable reports. The reports draw the physician’s attention to quickly focus on information that they need to provide the best patient care.

Analyzed strips to physician to view them at any time using any mobile device.

Our certified rhythm technicians perform deep analysis of ECG rhythm strips.

In matter of seconds, physicians can now have access to entire pre-analyzed ECG strips to make their timely diagnosis. The information is available even before the report is generated for that day. This results in optimal patient care.

We notify the physician based on the notification parameters set for their clinic and/or patient so that life-saving decisions can be made quickly.

Thank you Zywie for doing a thorough job and I’d especially thank their 24×7 monitoring technicians, they are very kind, knowledgeable, and courteous.


You’re busy, so we’re here 24/7

Our knowledgeable ECG Rhythm Analysts and Customer Care team are here to help you any time of day or night. We select the most accomplished people and each person undergoes our rigorous training to learn Zywie’s way of conducting business. We pride ourselves in having the best Customer Care team.

Improve Your Office Efficiency

The Zywie team brings a wealth of experience working with the largest EMR systems in use today. We provide dedicated support throughout the integration process ensuring you a seamless, automated workflow in the most timely fashion.

Our simple workflow allows you to enroll a patient for a study, just in a few minutes. Reports generated by our system are available for viewing on any device and also available in a pdf document to be easily infused into any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

Zywie EMR Integration

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