Exceptional Care

Our 7-in-1 monitoring devices eliminate multiple clinic visits for patients to change from one form of study to another. Coupled with faster and more detailed reports delivered to the physician on any device – ZwyiePro® Solution delivers where life-saving decisions need to be made.

Our Patient Care team is here for you anytime

A Zywie patient care team member may call the patient if we are not able to get data during the monitoring period. If a patient feels any kind of discomfort, pressing the button on the side of the monitor signals the Zywie’s patient care team. If or when we see any clinically important information while analyzing your ECG data, we will notify your physician.

For any questions or concerns about the monitoring process, call us any time.

Exceptional Care,
Exceptional Results

The ZywiePro® Solution allows physicians to provide personalized patient care by obtaining detailed information to do their timely diagnosis.

Patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI) is handled with utmost care in compliance with HIPAA and HITEC regulations.

The ZywiePro® Solution starts to work the moment it is enabled, providing physicians with fast and accurate accessibility to their patient’s ECG data. With our solutions we have saved patient lives by giving every patient the quality of care that they deserve.

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