Revolutionizing Cardiac Monitoring


award-winning 7-in-1 monitoring


posting times in the industry

“…average report posting time is < 22 hours!”


Secure and HIPAA-Compliant

Seamless and secure transfer of electronic HIPAA-compliant patient reports to your EHR system.


Reports Available 24/7

View reports in EHR system within patient’s medical record anytime and minimize errors from manual data entry.


Flexible Integration Designs

Bi-directional, uni-directional or customized solutions for your needs.


Good for the Planet

No more printing or scanning means an impactful reduction in paper. 

Zywie award winning technology for cardiac monitoring

Zywie’s award-winning technology, integrated through flexible and easily adaptable solutions, results in unmatched efficiency and increased patient care.


Patient Care is Our Top Priority

Zywie gives you fast, accurate and detailed information to improve your patient care with:

  • Fastest report posting time
  • Monitor reports automatically sent into your EMR in full color
  • Set or customize your notification parameters and frequency
  • Lightweight monitors that are easy to use
  • Monitors available in 2-channel or 3-channel
  • Each monitor performs 7 different kinds of tests
  • We offer multiple billing options

I had put on a Mobile Cardio Telemetry (MCT) monitoring for a 58 year old female patient with chest pain on MCT monitor for 7 days. On day two of the monitoring, Zywie was able to identify ventricular tachycardia with a patient triggered event with symptoms of light headedness for 10 seconds/24 beats. The patient was hospitalized for the surgical placement of an electrical device, an implantable cardioverter defibrillator.”

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Number of heart beats monitored

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